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Using Instagram to highlight materials, processes, and products that comprise your brand is a simple approach to promoting your company’s uniqueness and engaging with followers. This popular photo-sharing software fosters spontaneity and provides an alternative to copy-heavy marketing by allowing you to develop brand recognition via visual storytelling. 

Follow these guidelines to make the most of your Instagram presence.

Set Up a Business Profile on Instagram

Set up a business profile if you’ve decided to join Instagram. Switching to a business profile is free and offers you access to vital analytics, Instagram Insights.

Benefits of Instagram Insights

1) Lets you understand how your content is performing and who your fans are.

2) Available from when you upgrade to a business account and include data on reach, impressions, website clicks, most engaging posts, and video views.

3) May also help you understand more about your followers, such as their gender, country, and the time of day they interact with your Instagram profile. These demographics might help you tailor your content and post time.

When you upgrade your Etsy store to a business profile, you’ll be able to add a contact button alongside the usual follow button. If you have a physical store, you may provide your consumers with the option to SMS, email, or contact your business and map instructions to your shop’s location.

Observe and Experiment

Take an experimental approach when initially utilizing Instagram to sell your store. Experiment with different posts to find which resonate best with your readership. During this testing phase, take the time to examine what drew the most attention and why: Was it your image quality? What about the colors? What is your caption? Did you tag the image correctly? Was it because of the time of day you posted? If you need help with ideas, look into the accounts of other companies you like and appreciate. Follow and communicate with individuals who share your interests. If you are drawn to a particular post, consider experimenting with comparable material on your channel.

Use Captions and Hashtags to Add Context

To complement the photo or video you’re publishing, use subtitles that connect to the visual story you’re presenting about your brand. Our social media specialists continue to observe more extended captions increasing interaction on Instagram, so experiment with caption length to ensure you optimize your content for your viewers.

Adding a few hashtags related to the visual material you’re posting might help connect your posts. When you start, use the Explore tab to check whether related hashtags are popular. That identifies trendy tags to compliment your content; you may also use sites like or applications like Leetags. Using a famous hashtag might help your Instagram post become part of a wider trend. You may view Instagram’s suggestions for similar hashtags by clicking on a hashtag. We’ve had success with 5-10 tags for each post. If you’re worried that adding a bunch of hashtags will make your caption look cluttered, try adding hashtags to your photo in the comment field.

Interact with your Followers

When you market your business on social media, you create a new channel of connection with your clients. While Instagram allows you to inform consumers easily (for example, by informing them when new goods are available), it also allows customers to contact you. Interacting inside comments also helps you enhance your organic reach on the site and even reduce repetitive queries if someone notices you’ve previously responded to a prior remark. As your Instagram profile increases, expect to get more comments and inquiries on the platform. If someone compliments your company or inquires about availability, react with questions and a thank you. Responding to consumers within 24 hours will help you create good relationships.

Content Planning and Posting On-The-Go

Instagram now allows users to plan content using various third-party apps such as Buffer, HootSuite, and Facebook’s Creator Studio, demonstrating how social media platforms are constantly evolving to assist small businesses. Another advantage of Instagram marketing is the flexibility to publish while on the go. We recommend uploading one or two fresh photographs daily to keep your fans interested and your business at the forefront of their minds. Or, depending on what’s going on in your studio on any given day (or go live from your studio to show off your latest masterpiece! ), you may adopt a more spontaneous approach to publishing.

If you take a few photographs of a specific process or method, spread them out instead of uploading them all at once, and mix in product shots and other images. Try capturing a few less formal photographs when taking product images. Then you have a series of images to use while advertising that product. For example, you may reuse these images to generate interest in a sale or restock notice.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Instagram is an excellent place for displaying your individuality. Sharing behind-the-scenes or meet-the-maker style blogs is an excellent method to strengthen your overall brand voice and engage with your audience. Use your Instagram feed to highlight the small details that distinguish your brand. A few basic shots to try your work, your process, and your workspace. Make sure that your feed adheres to the aesthetic of your brand.

Make a One-of-a-Kind Visual

What do some of the most popular brand accounts on Instagram have in common? A distinct yet consistent appearance and feel. When producing material for your account, keep this in mind. When a casual browser views your profile page, they should be able to tell what you’re all about. For example, if your company is focused on home items, you may share photographs of scenarios shot in living rooms.

Create Feedback Loops

Instagram is built on reciprocity, so make sure to like, share, and comment on other people’s photos. Always credit the original poster when “regramming” a customer or friend. Encourage customers to post and tag images of themselves using your products to keep them engaged.

You may also use Instagram for market research. Examine your followers’ profiles to learn more about your consumer base, and study which goods receive the most likes. You may also use Instagram to inform product creation. For example, if you sell jewelry, ask your consumers which stones they like or what chain length they want. Creating this give-and-take communication allows clients to feel involved in your company.


Another popular social media platform is Facebook. Learn how to market you Etsy shop on Facebook here!

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