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Setting Up Calculated Shipping for Your Etsy Shop

For those located in the US or Canada, you can use calculated shipping when you use USPS, Canada Post, or Global Postal Shipping. Additionally, when you purchase shipping labels on Etsy, details from the order will be imported automatically into the shipping label purchase page. You will save time when


Customer Service Tips for Your Etsy Business

Great customer service is essential to make your Etsy business successful. Try responding to a query from a customer with excellent customer service, and there is a good possibility that they will buy from you just because they had a great customer experience. Providing great customer service is listening and


How To Sell On Etsy Successfully

Etsy is a haven for crafters and artisans who want to earn money selling their masterpieces. Being successful in Etsy selling is more than just setting up your shop. You need to tap into your entrepreneurial skills – it’s something that all business owners must have no matter how small


The Best Ways To Increase Etsy Sales

I know it is kind of frustrating – not having any sale for days or even months! You can have the best products in your category, but they’re not doing well as you would expect them to and it’s driving you nuts. Well, here’s some good news: there are things


The Policies Behind Etsy Shipping. What You Need To Know

Like other eCommerce platforms, Etsy also has its shipping policy. This ensures that the items sold get to the buyers securely and quickly. Here are some of the important shipping policy that Etsy sellers should be aware of: Shipping Items Sellers are the ones responsible for shipping their products to



Want More Etsy Sales?

Learn how thousands of sellers are finding their financial freedom on Etsy and how you can do that for your self!


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