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Get Reviews on Your Etsy Shop

Reviews can make or break your Etsy business. That is why it’s essential to provide amazing customer service and aim for your buyers’ satisfaction. Otherwise, you might find yourself in deep waters and with a failed business. When you get a significant number of good reviews, your Etsy shop is


Eco-Friendly Methods to Package Your Etsy Orders

There is a significant push for eco-friendly packaging nowadays. Today’s online customer expects businesses to be accountable for using eco-friendly packaging when shipping items. To engage with potential customers, learn to convey your eco-friendly practices for your Etsy business. Eco-Friendly Packaging Supplies You Can Use Kraft Roll Paper Online sellers


Etsy Fees You Need To Know

There are a few Etsy fees associated with listing and selling an item. The basic fees you need to know are: -Listing Fees -Transaction Fees -Payment Processing Fees There are extra fees if you utilize Etsy features like Etsy Ads or Offsite Ads, or if you purchase shipping labels from


Selling Vintage Items on Etsy

The marketplace for vintage has evolved dramatically in recent years, and you can make money online by selling collectibles and antiques. Starting a vintage shop on Etsy from the ground up might be scary, but perseverance typically pays off. All you need to know is where to put your attention


Create Coupon Codes to Boost Your Sales

Etsy allows shop owners to generate 3 types of Etsy coupon codes: percentage discounts, free shipping, and fixed cash amounts off sales. Creating coupon codes is an easy method to please your Etsy consumers. It appears to be a difficult process, but it is actually quite simple once you understand

Star Seller

Becoming an Etsy Star Seller

Etsy’s Star Seller badge acknowledges sellers who have a proven track record of providing excellent customer care. If you meet specified requirements for messaging, ratings, delivery, sales, and orders, you can become one. Etsy offers a badge to shops that consistently deliver an excellent customer experience. These shops should fulfill


What You Should Know About Etsy Shop Policies

Before you open your shop, you will need to set up and establish your Etsy shop policies. You have to be familiar with these policies so you can effectively implement them in your shop. Why Setting Up Your Etsy Shop Policies is Important Some Etsy sellers fail to realize the


Make Your Etsy Shop Home Look Better

Your shop logo, banner, and more will help create a solid visual brand for your Etsy shop. Your Etsy shop home serves as the visual storefront and is frequently the first impression a potential buyer has of your brand. A well-harmonized Etsy shop home catches the attention of visitors, inspires


Product Images: Photographing Challenging Items

Product photos should be eye-catching. However, some products are difficult to photograph, and many Etsy sellers are unsure how to stage their items. Whether your products are large or tiny, sparkly or matte, there are several measures to make your product images stand out. Whether you sell artwork, jewelry, clothing,


How to Make the Most of Your Shop Statistics

Learn which data to track based on your goals by exploring your shop statistics. In order to develop a successful growth plan, you must first determine how your business is functioning over time. Your shop analytics provide unique information on how visitors find and interact with your listings. You can



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