Create Coupon Codes to Boost Your Sales

Etsy allows shop owners to generate 3 types of Etsy coupon codes: percentage discounts, free shipping, and fixed cash amounts off sales.

Creating coupon codes is an easy method to please your Etsy consumers. It appears to be a difficult process, but it is actually quite simple once you understand how.


Steps on How to Create Coupon Codes on Etsy

1.Go to your Shop Manager page and click the Marketing button. 

2.Click Sales and Coupons, then New Special Offer

3.You will see three options: Run a sale, create a coupon, and send offers to interested shoppers. Since this tutorial is about creating coupon codes, go ahead and choose the “create a coupon” option.

4.When you click the “Create a Coupon” option, you will be sent to a page with several offers and alternatives. Choose one of the following:

    • Fixed Amount Off – You may offer your customers a specific amount off of your items here. This form of discount is immediately applied when it is created and applies to all goods in your shop.
    • Percentage off – This enables you to offer a percentage off the list price of your Etsy shop’s items.
    • Free Standard Shipping – The customer will not be charged a shipping cost. You can limit free shipping to domestic orders or certain locations.


5.Run Your Coupon


You may also specify a minimum order limit for your coupon. In other words, a condition that your buyer must meet in order for the coupon to be valid. These are the options:

1.Order Total – In this section, you must specify a minimum amount that your customers must spend in order to qualify for your coupon. This offer does not allow you to omit any items

2.Quantity – To qualify for your special offer, your customers must buy a certain number of times with this option. You cannot, once again, omit items from this offer.

3.You can also opt not to set a minimum order for your customers to qualify for your offer.


Naming Your Codes

You may name your coupon code whatever you like, as long as it is appropriate for you and your shop! People name them in various ways so that they can quickly examine sales numbers and other statistics.

To make it simpler to identify and track the event, combine the name of the sale with the month of the sale. To optimize your utilization of analytics, you might also name it after your most recent product.

However, you will be unable to use lowercase letters. Etsy constantly converts codes to uppercase letters. Remember that you may also use numbers. Simply delete all spaces and you’re ready to go.

After offering discount coupons for your Etsy shop, you can track your sales and see if offering coupons worked. Read this blog post to know how.

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