Blog: How To Set Up Your Etsy Shop

Video Content Ideas for Your Etsy Listings

Aside from photos, video content is a great way to showcase your items. Make your potential customers buy from you with listing videos that inspire and clarify. Adding a video to your listing will provide transparency and boost buyer confidence. Product videos will give information that photos alone can’t provide.


How To Write Etsy Listing Descriptions

One of the most overlooked sections of a listing is the Etsy listing description. It is the last thing that people see before purchasing, but it is important that you build this out. It can be one of the determining factors of whether a customer adds your item to cart.


What To Do Before Opening An Etsy Shop

Before opening your Etsy shop, start it right with these tips. Have a Separate Bank Account for Your Shop The bank account for your Etsy shop doesn’t need to be a business account. It can also be a personal account where you can deposit your income from your Etsy shop



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