How To Write Etsy Listing Descriptions

One of the most overlooked sections of a listing is the Etsy listing description. It is the last thing that people see before purchasing, but it is important that you build this out. It can be one of the determining factors of whether a customer adds your item to cart.

Creating Etsy descriptions is an art form. You have to make them compelling to entice shoppers to buy your products.

What makes great Etsy listing descriptions?

A good listing description will answer all the buyer’s questions and will make them confident about their purchase.

Here are some fine tips on how to build your Etsy listing descriptions.

Find Your Voice

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Your voice will establish your Etsy shop’s distinct style or personality. When establishing a voice, you have to bear in mind your target audience and the impression or vision you are trying to communicate to them.

You can tailor your product line and your listing descriptions accordingly. You can also opt to use a voice that will reflect your own personality – make the readers feel like they are talking to you.

Another important element of voice is the point of view. Using the third person or “royal we” may be tempting to use when you’re describing your products, but this can confuse customers about who is creating your items. If you run the shop solo, it would be best to utilize the first-person perspective. Shoppers love to connect with makers personally, that’s why it can be a great selling point.

You have to also bear in mind that your shop will evolve over time, so will your voice.

Make Your Descriptions Truly Descriptive

Think physical. A detailed description of your products will greatly help diminish the gap between shopping in a physical store and purchasing online. Think about what information customers might ask if they were shopping for a product in a brick-and-mortar store.

One good tip:

Don’t use numerical measurements alone. Most shoppers cannot eyeball 3 inches and really don’t have a ruler within arm’s reach. You can add physical reference points like “just below the collarbone” or “chin length.”

Mobile-Friendly Listing Descriptions

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Smartphones have become essential tools for just about anything, especially online shopping. The majority of traffic to Etsy comes from mobile users. This simply means that shoppers using their smartphones are experiencing your shop on a smaller screen. It is crucial that you create memorable and concise descriptions. At the beginning of each listing, you must include the most important information. A highly descriptive word or metaphor can entice readers to linger over a mental image.

Keep your paragraphs short, as well. Two to three sentences per paragraph will do. Readers often get turned off and overwhelmed when they see large blocks of paragraphs to read. Make your description easy to scan through.

Add Titles to Your Sections

Having titles to the sections of your product descriptions will make it easier for readers to aim for the information they need. You can use titles like Processing Time, Size, or Customization throughout your description. You can also add bullet points to the titles or type them in all caps so they’re easy to spot.

Add a Call to Action To Your Listing Descriptions

It is crucial to add a call to action because it is where you can ask your customer to do something else. N effective call to action will encourage your customers to keep browsing your shop and check your other products. It is ideal to add a call to action at the end of your description.

Always Proofread

If grammar and spelling are not your fortes, you can ask for help from someone who is a rock star at spelling, grammar, mechanics, and punctuation. Proofreading will ensure that your description is not poorly worded. Remember, some readers are turned off by poorly written product descriptions.

Edit your descriptions with fresh eyes before you hit that “Publish” button.


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How To Write Etsy Listing Descriptions
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How To Write Etsy Listing Descriptions
This article will walk you through the steps to writing a good Etsy listing description. The description is key to ranking in Google SEO, so understanding how to write one is incredibly important.
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