How to Sell Digital Products on Etsy

Learning to sell digital products has a wide range of advantages. For example, your items can be sold unlimited times and you don’t have to worry about inventory. It can also be an excellent passive income, requires low maintenance, and you don’t need to do your business full-time. Alternatively, you can just create your digital products whenever you have free time. Additionally, probably one of the most popular reasons to sell digital products is you don’t have to worry about shipping your items! How great is that?

Types of Digital Products You Can Sell

  1. Stickers
  2. Planners
  3. Invitations
  4. Cards
  6. Envelopes
  7. Games
  8. Lightroom Presets
  9. Photo Backdrops
  10. Art Printables
  11. Business Cards
  12. Stationary
  13. Resume Templates
  14. Journal Add-Ons
  15. Scrapbook Pages
  16. Recipe Cards
  17. Business Forms
  18. Logos
  19. eBooks
  20. Embroidery Designs
  21. Educational Tools
  22. Spreadsheets
  23. Checklists

… and more!

How to Add Digital Products to Your Etsy Shop

Listing a digital product on Etsy is just the same as creating a listing for other types of products, the only difference is you will upload the file. This file will be sent to your customers once they make a purchase.

These file types are supported by Etsy:

  1. .doc
  2. .bmp
  3. .gif
  4. .jpg
  5. .jpeg
  6. .mov
  7. .mobi
  8. .mpeg
  9. .mp3
  10. .pdf
  11. .png
  12. .rtf
  13. .psp
  14. .txt
  15. .stl
  16. .ePUB
  17. .zip
  18. .iBook

The maximum size for each file is 20MB. 

Reminder, before uploading your files on Etsy, please make sure to name them appropriately first because you cannot rename the file on Etsy after uploading it.

For the file name, you can use characters, underscores, periods, or hyphens and is limited to 70.

Success Tips for How to Sell Digital Products


When pricing your digital products, you have to take into consideration the time you put into your designs, what you consider a reasonable profit, how much you’d charge if you were printing, packaging, and mailing it. Don’t forget to add the Etsy fees too, so you have them covered.

To learn more about pricing your Etsy products, check out our article, How To Price Your Products On Etsy For Maximum Profit

Product Images

Photographing digital products can be a challenge because you have to make sure customers understand what they are purchasing exactly. This can be achieved by inlcuding images of what they can create with your digital products. Emphasizing that your item is digital on your listing title and description can also help.

Customer Service

Selling digital products will require extra effort on your part when it comes to customer service. You should expect more in-depth questions from your customers. For example, some will probably need more step-by-step instructions. Some will also ask technical questions. You might also be surprised that some people don’t know how to download or open a file, or are uncertain how to customize their printer settings and such.

This can be a hassle, so to combat it, you could create a blog or a YouTube channel where you can post how-to’s and share more in-depth details about your digital products.

Comments and questions from your customers are good opportunities to figure out how you can further improve your products.

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