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Facebook and Instagram Stories

How to Use Facebook and Instagram Stories to Market Your Etsy Shop

Facebook and Instagram stories areonly available for 24 hours. It provides small companies with novel opportunities to communicate with potential clients. Posting short clips or images that disappear after 24 hours makes it easier to experiment with various content topics. Also, it increases visibility, and develop your following. Here are


Market Your Etsy Shop with Instagram Effectively

Using Instagram to highlight materials, processes, and products that comprise your brand is a simple approach to promoting your company’s uniqueness and engaging with followers. This popular photo-sharing software fosters spontaneity and provides an alternative to copy-heavy marketing by allowing you to develop brand recognition via visual storytelling.  Follow these

marketing mistakes

Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Marketing strategies and techniques are constantly evolving. With so much advice and caution to follow, some contradictory, entrepreneurs can quickly become confused about what works and what they should avoid. This can lead to entrepreneurs making critical marketing mistakes, particularly those just starting. Check out these common mistakes to ensure


How to Market Your Etsy Shop on TikTok

TikTok has become more than a platform for teens to show their dancing skills. It’s now a platform for content creators ranging from medical experts and comedians to crafters.  TikTok is now one of the hottest platforms for brands to market their products, which is why you can use it


How to Grow Your Etsy Shop’s Social Media Following

It is undeniable that social media is an excellent way to grow your Etsy shop. As an Etsypreneur, this is one of the most cost-effective advertising tools you can use for your Etsy business. You may engage with consumers, raise brand exposure, and influence new prospective purchases by leveraging social


Drive Traffic to Your Etsy Listings Using Pinterest

There is no question that Pinterest can help you get more customers to your Etsy shop. Pinterest has almost 320 million users that use the platform to acquire ideas. Additionally, it aids them in determining what to buy. To appeal to Pinterest users, you do not need to be an

Facebook marketing

Marketing Your Etsy Shop on Facebook

There are billions of Facebook users around the world. That’s why Facebook marketing is excellent for your Etsy shop to gain customers. Here, you will learn tips on using Facebook to drive more traffic to your listings and increase your sales. Create a Facebook Business Page Having a business page



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