How to Grow Your Etsy Shop’s Social Media Following

It is undeniable that social media is an excellent way to grow your Etsy shop. As an Etsypreneur, this is one of the most cost-effective advertising tools you can use for your Etsy business. You may engage with consumers, raise brand exposure, and influence new prospective purchases by leveraging social media marketing. Each platform has advantages and disadvantages, making it suitable for different promotion types.

It could be a struggle at first for those unfamiliar with social media, but once you learn more about it and find your rhythm, you’ll suddenly find your traffic and sales increase!

Which Social Media Platform is The Best?

The answer will ultimately depend on you because not all Etsy businesses are the same. Some Etsy sellers post daily Instagram stories, some post vlogs on YouTube or content on TikTok, and some focus on posting on Facebook or Pinterest. 

How to Find The Right Social Media Platform for Your Etsy Shop

Try Every Single Platform First

Trying it all can be a bit cumbersome, but it is a great way to know which social media platform is the best fit. This way, you’ll understand which platform brings the most traffic to your Etsy shop, and then you can focus there eventually.

Also, you don’t have to spend a single dime because posting social media content is free! That’s why you don’t have to worry about trying them all.

Look at Your Competitors

Each niche and industry is varied on Etsy. Following your competitors will give you an idea of which social media platforms they are getting the most traffic from. This will help you find a solid foundation to begin, especially if you can’t find the time to try all social media platforms at once.

How to Increase Your Following

Spread the Word Both Online and Offline

People should be aware that you’re on social media so they can follow you. Make sure that you connect your social media accounts to your Etsy shop so your visitors can click through and view your social media content and become a follower. 

To spread the word about your social media accounts offline, you can include them in your thank you notes or business cards. You can also ask your buyers to tag your soc med accounts when posting about the items they purchased from your Etsy shop.

Position Your Content in a Wider Context

Hashtags can help you reach a bigger audience with your social media content. Think about what hashtags your target audience might be interested in. Make sure that the hashtags you use are relevant to your product as well.

Interact Through Comments

It’s called social media for a reason – to be social. One of the best ways to do this is to interact through comments. If you show people that you have active accounts, it will help spread the word about your Etsy shop.

Create a Posting Schedule

People need content to engage with, so you can gain followers. You have to post frequently for your content to be seen. Schedule your content at times when you know your followers will be online. 

Follow Relevant Accounts

This is particularly useful on Instagram, where accounts you follow will follow you back. You can also engage with their posts, such as liking and commenting.


Collaborating with other sellers is one good way to get your business out there. This could be as easy as showing their material on your channel and tagging them, then highlighting your content on their channel and tagging you. It may even be as complicated as arranging Facebook or Instagram live events to discuss challenges or triumphs with your small companies.

Paid Campaign

While launching follower acquisition efforts can be costly, engagement programs are an excellent method to get your content out there and can have a halo effect by attracting followers who engage with your promoted content. Experiment with different audiences and ad formats.

Social Media Don’ts

Building a following on social media can take time. Trying a few shortcuts may entice you, but the following acts are typically frowned upon and may result in your account being suspended.

Buying Followers

Don’t fall for sites that promise to provide “real” followers for a small price. The truth is, these are bot accounts that will never be turned into sales for your Etsy shop. It can also get your account flagged.

Following Accounts and Unfollowing After

Following hundreds of accounts every day and unfollowing them within a few days is the strategy. This method may result in Instagram flagging your account as spam.

Buying Engagements

These phoney engagements, like buying followers, might temporarily increase your confidence but have little to no influence on your business.


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