Get Reviews on Your Etsy Shop

Reviews can make or break your Etsy business. That is why it’s essential to provide amazing customer service and aim for your buyers’ satisfaction. Otherwise, you might find yourself in deep waters and with a failed business.

When you get a significant number of good reviews, your Etsy shop is sure to grow. Online shoppers will see your shop as trustworthy when they see those 5-star reviews on your products.

Etsy Reviews 101

In general, Etsy reviews function similarly to those on other online marketplaces. However, there are a few distinctions to be aware of:

– Once a customer’s order has been processed, they have 60 days to leave a review.

– During that 60-day timeframe, customers can change their reviews.

– Anonymous reviews are not allowed on Etsy.

– If you halt your Etsy shop for more than a year, your reviews will be reset. That’s great if you’ve had a horrible run, but it’s terrible if you’ve established a good reputation.

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Importance of Etsy Reviews

The majority of buyers believe that online reviews are as essential as personal recommendations. Your Etsy reviews can be considered the face of your business. Also, buyers are more likely to spend more on a shop that has great reviews. 

How to Optimize Your Etsy Business to Get Good Reviews

It is important to optimize your Etsy business to ensure good reviews for your shop. Here are some ways you can do it:

Be Honest

Beautiful photographs and enticing writing are essential for your product listings. However, they must provide a clear image of what the buyer may expect.

Offer Quality

People are not only prepared to pay more for higher quality, but they are also more inclined to provide positive reviews. Make certain that your supplies and processes are of the greatest quality attainable.

Personalized Messages

It is critical to serve every customer as though they are your first. Don’t rely on pre-programmed communications. Instead, when they’ve made their purchase, give them a simple but customized “Thank You.”

Underpromise but Overdeliver

Customers want to have their expectations fulfilled, but they prefer to have them surpassed. Set your processing times to be longer than necessary, and attach a handwritten message with your deliveries

Correct Mistakes

Despite your best efforts, an occasional mistake is unavoidable. When they happen, own up to them and do your best to remedy them. It has the potential to change a negative review into a favorable one.

Offer Great Customer Service

Inform your consumers that they are welcome to ask you questions, and anticipate any inquiries they may have. Make sure you communicate openly with them and provide exceptional service.

Follow Up

Customers will not always notify you if they had a negative experience. They will sometimes simply move on. That is why it is critical to follow up and inquire if everything went as planned.

How to Ask for Reviews from Your Customers

You’ve now optimized your business so that you’re more likely to receive positive feedback. But what if they don’t show up? Then, ask your consumers to give a review of your Etsy shop.

You don’t always receive what you don’t ask for.

You’ll have multiple chances to get positive feedback from your Etsy customers.

Confirmation Page

The first chance to get feedback from your clients is on the order confirmation page. You may leave a personalized message by heading to “Info & Appearance” in your Shop Manager’s Settings section and choosing “Message to Buyers.”

Your buyers may not be ready to evaluate your shop until they receive their order, but it’s an excellent spot to remind them to do so later.

Confirmation Email

Your buyers will also get an automated order confirmation email from Etsy. You may also leave a note for the buyer by going to the same area stated above.

Card Inserts

When their order comes, so does your second chance to request a review. Add a card insert to your order to remind your customers to give a review once they’ve opened the package.

Follow-Up Messages

Finally, you may request a review by contacting your buyer. In the Shop Manager, go to “Orders & Shipping,” select the order, and then click the Message button. Inquire whether they are satisfied with their order, and then remind them to leave a review if they are.


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