What to Do After Opening an Etsy Shop

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Opening an Etsy shop requires dedication and hard work; for many sellers, it is a long-awaited milestone. 

Starting an Etsy business is an important accomplishment, but what comes next is equally significant. Whether you’ve made a sale or not, you’re in business, so capitalize on it by developing an action plan to assist your new shop to prosper. You should take action instead of wait for sales. It might be difficult to know which move to take first. Follow these pointers to guarantee you get off to a good start.

Build Buyer Confidence

You confront the issue of not having an established reputation when you initially create your Etsy business. That’s why it’s critical to convince customers that you’re operating a trustworthy business that’s ready to take their orders until you’ve earned some sales and customer reviews.

Fill Out Your Policies

When customers buy from a store that has no or few sales, they need to feel confident that their order will be completed. Complete your store policies to put customers at rest (including shipping information). Your attention to detail will convince clients that your Etsy shop values them and that you have a well-organized plan to securely and efficiently fulfill their orders.

Add More Listings

A well-stocked shop demonstrates to customers that your company is reputable. Put yourself in the position of a buyer: how likely are you to buy from a business with only one item? By offering a variety of things in your shop, you demonstrate to customers that you are actively investing in your company. Your perceived credibility as a business owner rises with each item you add to your shop.

When you’re just starting out, you may not have many items. Consider whether you can increase the value of your listings by generating distinct listings for any variations you provide. Consider shooting and advertising each hue separately if you offer knit hats in various colors.

Share Your Story

You are the only person who can tell your tale accurately. Including a few images and a personal description of your firm in your About section demonstrates your credibility to customers. Learning how much your Etsy business matters to you may even persuade a shopper to buy from you.

Respond to Customers in a Timely Manner

Good customer service will help you develop credibility with new buyers. Responding quickly to customer inquiries can reassure them that you are available and may possibly result in your shop’s first sale.

Spread the Word About Your Etsy Shop

This is the moment to get the word out about your Etsy shop. Create a buzz around your company and get your name out there.

Social Media Marketing

Create accounts on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to begin growing your brand’s online presence. You do not need to be active on every platform (it is recommended to stick to one or two), you may want to use this time to investigate each channel and select one that works well for your company.

Word of Mouth

Early purchases are frequently generated by individuals you know, so begin advertising your store to your friends and acquaintances. (You may even get some business cards for a more professional touch.) Telling individuals you know about your new business is an excellent approach to becoming comfortable talking about it with anyone who might be interested.

Assess Your Success

Examine Your Stats

Your stats provide important information even if you haven’t made a sale yet. Views and keyword performance may reveal which of your products interests your buyers in and how they find your products. Making changes to your listings depending on what you learn from your statistics can help your listings and SEO. Look for increases in your statistics when you post on your social media accounts.

Constantly Improve Your Shop

Running an Etsy store is a learning experience. The sooner you accept this, the more prepared you’ll be to develop your business. Seeing your shop as a never-ending work in progress can help you stay adaptable and position your business to develop and prosper.


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