The Best Ways To Increase Etsy Sales

I know it is kind of frustrating – not having any sale for days or even months! You can have the best products in your category, but they’re not doing well as you would expect them to and it’s driving you nuts. Well, here’s some good news: there are things you can do to change that and increase your sales on Etsy. Etsy has been the place to be for stay-at-home moms and independent artists to turn into business moguls, and I am sure you want that as well. Now, let’s go to the ways to boost your Etsy sales!

Know Your Market Well to Get Sales on Etsy

Before you start selling your handmade items, it is crucial that you know what your target market is. You can ask yourselves these questions so you can find your niche: Who will buy my products? What are their needs? Their problems? Picture your ideal customers and make it specific. Example: A mom, age 25-35, loves to shop online, lives in California. Now, you can start to market your products strategically.

Categorize Your Items

If you are unsure of how to categorize your products, you can try to be specific. Is it a necklace? A onesie? A shirt? When you have your categories ready, you can start organizing them in your Etsy shop.

Make Your Brand Strong

brand design

If you want to keep your Etsy shop fresh in your potential customers’ minds, you have to have a strong brand. You can add a signature logo and use a color scheme to make your shop memorable. Incorporate your brand (logo, color scheme) to your images and products.

Update Your Listing

Keywords, keywords, keywords. I can’t stress enough how important good keywords are for your product listing, You want your products to rank on Etsy search. This way, you can have more sales.

Make Your Product Descriptions Great

Start your product descriptions with the most important information. Also, you have to connect with your potential customers so be personal with your descriptions. You can tell a story to make it relatable for your target customers. Add keywords and be descriptive. Be clear about the requirements as well.

Stellar Customer Service at All Times

The key is to answer comments and questions promptly and politely. This will help your shop establish a good reputation, resulting in referrals, positive reviews, and repeat customers. You can also offer discount coupons or fast shipping to keep your customers happy and attract new ones!

Competitive Pricing is Key to Getting Sales on Etsy

Know the cost of the materials you used, labor, and other expenses. Then you have to figure out how many sales you can accomplish with your current situation. You can also compare the price of your products to other products in your niche. If your price is a little bit higher than theirs, you can cut costs then increase value (better branding, marketing, and photography).

Use Captivating Product Images

professional product image

Whether you’re using an expensive camera or a smartphone. You can produce great images either way. There are good photo editing apps out there that you can use to make your images pop. Don’t forget to use proper lighting, a nice backdrop, and a clean surface for your photoshoot. Use more than one image for your listing, as well, so your customers will have an idea of what your product looks like in every angle.

Getting More Sales on Etsy – Final Thoughts

You cannot just magically get your Etsy shop to increase its sales. Hard work comes with it as well. Never stop learning and find ways to improve your products. Do what works for you and stick with it. Most importantly, don’t lose hope. I know you’ll get there!


As you work toward getting more sales on Etsy, read our article, How To Price Your Products On Etsy, to get the most out of your sales.

How To Get Sales On Etsy
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How To Get Sales On Etsy
In this article, you will learn what everyone on Etsy wants to do: bring in more sales. Sales are what drive Etsy, and it can be difficult, but this article will ease some of that difficulty for you.
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How To Sell On Etsy
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