Why Etsy SEO Is So Important And What You Need To Know

Creating an Etsy store is easy, but once it opens, you won’t start making money immediately. Etsy shoppers would have to find your products for your shop to make sales, which is why Etsy SEO is crucial. Optimizing your shop for Etsy search will increase the visibility of your products on Etsy, making your products easier to find. Here are some tips in optimizing your items for Etsy search.

The Product Category Should be Included in Your Title

The product category is what buyers are likely to search when they are looking for a specific product. For instance, you make pillowcases. Make sure you use “pillowcase” in the product title.

Use Long-tail Keywords For Better Etsy Search Results

Put in some long-tail keywords in your product title to bring in more sales. Longtail keywords are phrases with three or more words and they tend to be more specific. Why is this helpful? Well, because shoppers who use generic, shorter keywords usually have no idea what they really want. They will be bombarded with several products, and that means more competition for you. The buyers who are most likely to make a purchase are the ones who search with more specific keywords. Fewer products are shown, which means there is less competition. Let’s take the example we mentioned above – pillowcases. A buyer searching for a more specific keyword might type in “pink pillowcase for girls” or customized pillowcase”. These will generate fewer results but they are exactly what the buyer is searching for.

Primary Keyword Always Comes First In Etsy Search


The primary keyword is your money word. Avoid unnecessary words such as brand name, color, or size.

Duplicate Your Listing but Use Different Keywords

Use different primary keywords for each listing because Etsy won’t allow more than two items from each seller in search results.

Being Too Creative is a No-No

I know you’re creative and you might be thinking of allowing your creativity for your product names, but please, keep that creative juice flowing in your products, not in your titles. Buyers searching for items will not use unnecessary overly creative and cutesy terms. So, keep it simple.

Keywords in Tags? Yes Please!

You are allowed to use up to 13 tags for your products and this is a good opportunity to add relevant keywords. Use all 13 tags if you must.


Now that you know how to rank your listings on Etsy, read our article, How To Get To The Top Of Google Search, to get ranked on Google!

How To Show Up In Etsy Search
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How To Show Up In Etsy Search
Etsy search and SEO can be rather complex and confusing. This article will show you how to optimize your shop to show up in at the top of Etsy search.
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How To Sell On Etsy
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