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Etsy business budget

Creating an Effective Etsy Business Budget

When running a small business, make sure you have a budget in place to meet expenditures and prepare for the future. Knowing how much you spend on the supplies and components that go into your items may help you establish the correct rates while also accounting for your own time


All About Intellectual Property

First, what is intellectual property? It is a form of property in which the creators and manufacturers have exclusive ownership rights. Something can have many types of Intellectual Properties at the same time, and someone can create a new one even if it is based on existing Intellectual Property. Intellectual


Video Content Ideas for Your Etsy Listings

Aside from photos, video content is a great way to showcase your items. Make your potential customers buy from you with listing videos that inspire and clarify. Adding a video to your listing will provide transparency and boost buyer confidence. Product videos will give information that photos alone can’t provide.


Setting Up Calculated Shipping for Your Etsy Shop

For those located in the US or Canada, you can use calculated shipping when you use USPS, Canada Post, or Global Postal Shipping. Additionally, when you purchase shipping labels on Etsy, details from the order will be imported automatically into the shipping label purchase page. You will save time when


Customer Service Tips for Your Etsy Business

Great customer service is essential to make your Etsy business successful. Try responding to a query from a customer with excellent customer service, and there is a good possibility that they will buy from you just because they had a great customer experience. Providing great customer service is listening and



Star Seller

Becoming an Etsy Star Seller

Etsy’s Star Seller badge acknowledges sellers who have a proven track record of providing excellent customer care. If you meet specified requirements for messaging, ratings,

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