Factors Affecting Etsy’s Search Ranking

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When it comes to Etsy search ranking, keywords aren’t the only factor to consider. Other variables also influence it.

Title Relevancy

Etsy search results must contain items that match the customer’s search term or phrase.

When a client searches for “pearl earrings,” for example, the search results will include products that match both “pearl” and “earrings.” Exact phrase matches, on the other hand, are far more powerful than individual words. It is why it’s crucial to utilize keywords that relate to your products.

In addition, Etsy search gives more weight to the words at the start of the title than those at the end.

Item Attribute Relevancy

Similar to titles, Etsy search evaluates the info provided in item attributes.

When utilizing this, choose as many correct attributes as possible. It will help your listings appear on Etsy search ranking.

Listing Quality

Etsy’s search algorithm also takes into account how well particular listings do in searches. It will display products that are more likely to be purchased by customers.

A consumer who clicks, likes, and buys a product after seeing it in search results contributes significantly to a listing’s quality score.

Customer and Market Experience

Etsy looks at a shop’s customer service history and if it is in good standing with the platform’s standards.

Completed About sections, positive reviews, and well-written shop policies may all help you rank higher in the Etsy search results.


It is why it is critical to renew your listings regularly. The search algorithm on Etsy also takes into account how recently an item was posted or renewed.

Shop Location

Customers typically prefer to purchase items from sellers in their own or neighboring countries. It is why Etsy takes the shopper’s and shop’s location into consideration.


Now that you have learned about the factors affecting Etsy’s search ranking, read the article Why Etsy SEO Is So Important And What You Need To Know to learn more tips on optimizing your Etsy listings!

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